CodeSmile AssetDatabase

Launch Sale: 50% off until Feb 14th

I redesigned the entire AssetDatabase API. I wanted to be done with it. No more edge-cases, inconsistencies, guesswork, “works for me” utility methods, …

Usually here goes a list of adjectives … but instead, I want you to:

Explore the code, try it out!

It’s entirely open source :eek:under the GPL 3.0 (copyleft) license.

I know, others wish to obfuscate their asset code … I just share it. I must be crazy. :D🙂

Trust goes both ways. You’ll value it most if you experience it.

Even if you don’t see the use now, share it with others. Including your future self! 😉;)

I know CodeSmile AssetDatabase changes the way we write asset scripts for the better. It’s important because the AssetDatabase is at the foundation of editor tooling.

Every Unity user has an interest in tool developers using the AssetDatabase correctly, precisely, with minimal impact and side-effects on their projects. Learn from my implementation and tests, or buy it and revel in ease of mind. :)

Introduction: Developer Story

Code Battle: CodeSmile vs Unity AssetDatabase

Status Quo: Don Quixote vs Refresh

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