How many players?

A frequently asked question about Unity’s Netcode is:

How many players does Netcode for GameObjects support?

Interestingly, this closely related question is never asked:

How many frames per second does Unity support?

The answer to both is quite simply:

=> As many as your game is designed to handle.

Of course there are reasonable upper bounds.

The frames per second are ultimately limited by the monitor’s refresh rate, vsync or not.

The number of concurrent players in a multiplayer game is primarily limited by your expertise in realtime networking and design + implementation of multiplayer game architecture.

Furthermore, the financial success of a multiplayer game depends on limiting the running costs of the integrated game services, which again is dependent on your design and optimization skills.

I answered this question in greater detail on the Unity forum. It deserved to be answered once and for all with a resounding:

It depends! 🙂

And it’s almost entirely on you! 😉

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