Unity Runtime Fee: Summary

Unity’s pricing changes have concerned a number of Unity users and game developers in general. Some concerns are valid. But first ..

Let’s talk about the Outrage

Following the announcement, emotions were raging, quickly forming a shitstorm culminating in a credible death threat.

I wish there were more people responding rationally but in today’s outrage culture and social media filter bubbles, it’s the attention-grabbers that put oil in the fire.

They, too, benefit from gathering a community around them, as emotions are raging. Keep this in mind!

Meanwhile, Unity’s Pricing FAQ has been significantly extended. It now addresses most concerns and confusion and changes to the pricing plan are in consideration.

Whether you still trust Unity or not at this point isn’t really an issue – any company could make unfavorable changes in the future.

But .. Unity just did the most unfavorable one. They’re unlikely to follow it up with something even worse.

The Rational Responses

I want to provide a list of Rational Responders (honestly, I think this should be a public emergency institution just like firefighters):

I previously also spoke my mind about some of the outrageously ridiculous claims brought forth by shitstormers. After I felt the need to appropriately ridicule the shitstormers.

Lastly, I collected the most outrageous statements by Unity haters, and tried my best to explain them. Note that these are statements, not arguments. Do not confuse the two!

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