Unity Packages

I divide my work into Unity Packages and publish them on GitHub.

They are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL 3.0).

This means you can use my packages for free for any purpose. Under the conditions of the GPL – see below for details.

CodeSmile Unity Packages

This is only a selection of my packages. I omit those that are mostly for organizing my own work. And I may not have added the latest ones yet. Please browse my GitHub repositories for more.

All my Unity packages start with de.codesmile.

The Catch (Copyleft)

All my packages are licensed under the GNU GPL 3.0.

Means: If you publish work that includes a package of mine you’ll have to publish your work under the same GPL 3.0 license.

That’s copyleft in a nutshell.

I’m sorry! I’m not doing this to annoy you!

I love to share codified knowledge. But I have a conflicting need.

The Need

I have no other source of income besides what little I currently make from selling assets on the Unity Asset Store (UAS).

If you buy one of my packages – remember that you can demo them for free and review the entire code! I trust you to respect the conditions of the GPL license.

If you buy the package you effectively pay for the right to use the package under the Unity Asset Store Terms and EULA.

You also get premium support! And you can still pull the latest updates straight from the package’s GitHub repository!

Contact me if you want to buy directly from me or wish to bundle my package(s) in a paid asset and don’t mind sharing revenue.

The Freelance Option

Though I’m not keen on pursuing freelancing in 2024, I will consider opportunities that align with my goal.

My goal is to create products which I lovingly care for and – hopefully, eventually – will also pay my bills.

Before making a request please consider the following:

  • Programming: At least in parts my work should be furnishable as a general purpose Unity package to which I shall retain all rights. I will discount my rate accordingly.
  • Consultation: Very welcome! Up to a few hours/week. I am particularly resourceful in analyzing and optimizing Unity projects and workflows. Eager to learn about developer needs.
  • Remote: I work from home. Traveling is very stressful for me.

The Personal Note

I love to share. Knowledge, experience, code. And to support others.

I hyperfocus on game technologies, specifically on writing clean code that’s well documented and easy to use. I’m an outlier in an industry that’s hard pressed to meet (often arbitrary) deadlines.

If a new software technology piques my interest, I dive right in to learn and understand it – including what problems it solves, what unknown possibilities it unlocks, what value it has, how it competes in the market, and how it may change product/game development.

This is and always has been my lifetime autistic special interest.

I have a lot of others too, you should see the books I carry home from the library. I don’t count them, I weigh them! In 2023 I carried home about 34.5 kilograms worth of written wisdom.

But the most important of my interests is my five lovely budgies!

Here’s Maria and Stuart – Maria is the olive-green beauty:

There are three more: Lady & Rocky (white, light blue). And Kiddo (yello-green) aka Beatrix. She’s still looking for a Bill to banter with.

So for the love of my birds, and clean code, and my continued support for Unity and its lovely community I appreciate every dime you can spare that lands in my pocket. Then I can keep providing these services for you for as long as possible. Ideally indefinitely!

Thank you for spending the time to read all of this. And a sincere appreciation if you’re also spending money to support me! 🙂

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